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Welcome to ThINK

Welcome to ThINK - Thuringian Institute of Sustainability and Climate Protection

The Thuringian Institute of Sustainability and Climate Protection (ThINK) provides comprehensive research and advisory services in Germany and abroad on the topics of climate (climate protection, climate change and adaptation ...), energy (renewable energies, energy efficiency ...) and sustainability. ThINK works with a scientific background, but at the same time very practical and with high regional competence in Thuringia. The independent institute also pursues sustainable education in the above thematic complexes.

The Thuringian Institute has developed from working group Regional Climate and Sustainability at the Institute of Geography of the Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena. ThINK continues to work in close cooperation with scientific institutions.

Our team offers an optimal mix of operational experience as well as expertise and expertise in scientific as well as strategic and procedural issues. We attach great importance to close cooperation with our customers and transparency with regard to the results achieved. ThINK is the partner for regional planning, rural districts, cities and municipalities, but also for public and private utilities who want to develop concepts and projects in the areas of climate, energy and sustainability. It is important to tackle the increasingly complex challenges in these fields.




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